ActivEdrawing (SAP Implementation)

The ActivEdrawing gives on-site technicians and back office personnel easy access to technical information in an intuitive visual interface.

The ActivEdrawing solution is a SAP certified product and consists of two components:

  • Mobile App, user interface
  • Mapping & Visual Navigator, installed as a SAP Add-On package on the customer’s SAP system

Content, e.g. drawings and mappings is managed in the SAP Document Management System (DMS).

3rd-party apps can integrate to the solution by using the ActivE-Drawings API. The API is using standard Intent methods for sharing data between Apps from different vendors.

Various visualization products can be integrated with SAP however there is a huge advantage using SAP Visual Enterprise. The product integrates deeply with other SAP products and is robust, scalable and secure.

Plant Comparison tool

With the comparison tool it is easy to compare SAP plants and identify differences. The Tool is very useful especially for bigger companies that are operating Plants in different locations.

Comparison of the following  SAP Objects is possible:

  • Task lists
  • Maintenance plans
  • Measuring points
  • BOM (Bill of Material)
  • Equipment Structures
  • Function Location Stroctures

Work Permit and Isolation Certificates Application

Purpose of Work Permit solution is to create, monitor and print work permits for offshore drilling units.

All development is carried out in ABAP, and solution developed is tightly integrated to SAP EAM module.

A work permit is associated with a number of PM organizational terms such as Maintenance Order, Function Location, Plant, Equipment, etc.

Offshore work permits are maintained at two levels: Level 1 is the highest security level demanding entering of more data than level 2, which is the lowest security level.

Life-cycle of the work permits is the following:

  • If the work permit is created, it becomes a status ‘new’.
  • Work permit is released
  • OIM is activating the work permit
  • After fulfillment of the work, the work permit is deactivated and completed.

Work Permits are connected to the Isolation Certificates. Before the work is to be started, the appropriate equipment has to be isolated. It is handled by Isolation Certificates Application that is part of Work Permit solution.

Daily Operational Report

The  Daily Operational Report is an SAP Application that makes it possible for drilling contractors to report directly in SAP according to requirements from company procedures and clients requirements.

Standard activity codes are based on IADC (International Association for Drilling Contractors)) recommendations.  Production and operation data is easy to fill in.

The report includes the following data:

  1. General data
  2. Safety data
  3. BOP test data
  4. Drilling data
  5. Operation data
  6. Logistics/POB data
  7. Marine sheet (2 variants depending on rig type)
  8. Dynamic Position sheet (enable/disable depending on rig type)
  9. Notes

Additional reports

50+ custom reports for SAP EAM in order to speed up data search and reporting from SAP system .